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Shelly and Regan's Royal Parks Half Marathon



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Shelly and Regan will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise funds for AD's charity of the year World Child Cancer.

Please support them in their personal challenge and WCC by donating.

Thank you.

Your donations will make a huge difference to help support children living with cancer -

£25 funds accurate diagnosis for 10 children in Bangladesh

£50 pays for life-saving chemotherapy for a child in Ghana

£100 could support accurate diagnosis for 5 children with cancer in Cameroon

£200 covers the salary of a nurse on a children's cancer ward in Cameroon for a month

£300 covers the cost of a play-worker on a children's cancer ward in Myanmar for a year

£500 funds the treatment of a child with Burkitts lymphoma in Malawi

£1,500 pays for a palliative care outreach nurse on a motorbike in Cameroon for a year

£2,000 could pay for essential ward equipment for one year in Malawi

£3,000 could pay for materials to renovate a children's cancer ward in Cameroon


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