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Such a great charity. I've now targetted £500. Massive thanks to everyone that got me to £250. Lets see how high we can go? Just to think of me sleeping rough in a cardboard box must be worth a few quid to everybody ;)

note: Obviously I cannot say thank you personally to anyone donating anonymously so... THANK YOU!! to those that have.

Whilst talking to the charity I was left saddened by a fact I didn't know -  that, whilst still tragic, eight out of ten children in developed countries will survive cancer. In the third world its just ONE out of ten!

Why a 'sleepout'? Well, lets take Bangladesh as an example. In the vast rural areas those parents that do bring their children into the capital Dhaka for treatment are mostly very poor, they cannot afford even the most basic of accomodation so they sleep on the streets until they can take their children home after treatment. They may have to make this journey many times during a childs illness. Hard to imagine. :(

So..Just one uncomfortable night under the stars in the somewhat luxurious (in comparison) surroundings of Breyer Group Stadium (home of the mighty O's) is nothing.

Thanks for your support! (Oh!?? or even better, why not set up your own funding page and join us?)

Full details are on the link below - including a radio appeal by Gary Lineker, a keen supporter of

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