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Clare Crawford is doing a sky dive! - Please sponsor me in aid of World Child Cancer



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In a moment of weakness I signed up for this.... it’s in aid or World Child Cancer.... I’m looking for every angle to find a way out, the more I raise if I do it the less able I am to wimp out!  

Those who know me (and/or witnessed the language that escaped from me whilst doing a loop in a glider many years ago, or have had to sit next me screaming on a roller coaster) will know this is seriously out of my comfort zone- I'm genuinely worried i will scream so much I will forget to breathe, faint, miss the whole thing, landing with a bump!

Wish me luck!


Thank you

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Galliford Try Partnership

Message from Stephen Teagle, Chief Executive – Galliford Try Partnerships & Regeneration ‘I am pleased to announce Galliford Try Partnerships have teamed up with World Child Cancer. Our business is committed to making a difference and to contributing positively to society, whether that is locally, nationally or globally. We aim to ...

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